Sunday, December 1, 2013

kevin sorbo

You'll be happy to know that my subconscious priorities are exactly where they need to be.  Last night my dream was set in a classroom.  I was a student and the teacher asked what the phrase "up the ante" meant.  In my mind, I gave a surprisingly accurate definition (surprising because I was dreaming and there is only so much control you have in these things) to which the teacher somewhat disagreed.  Another student raised his hand and gave a response that would more closely describe the word "sacrifice".  For some reason, I made no effort to defend my answer or debunk the one that followed mine.  I was content to just sit and wonder why, that as an adult, I felt compelled to answer any teacher's question.  (Old habits die hard?)

The teacher then abruptly changed topics and started talking about Top 5 lists--a topic, as you know, that is near and dear to my heart.  He began his list with Robert Downey, Jr.  I, of course, whole-heartedly agreed.  His number two, however, was a different story.  Kevin Sorbo.  What?  How on earth can you jump from Robert Downey, Jr. to Kevin Sorbo?  Even in my dreams I knew that this was offensive and promptly began to debate his pick.  Lucky for him, my alarm went off and my dreamed ceased to be.  The disbelief I felt at his decision, however, still lingers.  Obviously. 

Disclaimer:  I have nothing against Kevin Sorbo.  I do not find him to be offensive.  I just have my own standards for my Top 5 list and he would never be on it.  Ever. Ever.

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Christie Norris said...

Perhaps he was merely going through a list of superheroes, attempting to choose from different historical eras.